Winter Report

Things are starting to pick up on the Upper Owens. Numbers of Crowley Rainbows are up, but temperatures and storms have kept most anglers away. Snowfall is supposed to continue into the week with 16-20 ft of snow predicted to fall in the Sierra. We were hitting -14F as we passed through Mammoth Lakes on our way to Pyramid Christmas Day. Pyramid lake did not upset, though it was a little slow and cold as ice, we managed to get some nice fish with one 10b going into the air and hammering a balanced Tui Chub. A handful of others on original popcorn beetles and baitfish rigs. East Walker River was on fire with over 12 fish caught in the last two hours of light. The fish took large prince nymph v

New Edit: Pyramid Lake Water Babies EP1

Water Babies....A myth? Or REAL? One of the most interesting urban legends within the Reno area has to do with Pyramid Lake. Each spring, an unlucky fisherman disappears and the bodies aren't normally recovered. Many people blame the disappearance of the fishermen on the depth of the water, while others claim it's the Water Babies. The Water Babies were ill-formed or premature babies that were thrown into the water by the Paiute tribe. As legend has it, the infants' angry spirits have taken hold of the lake over the past centuries. According to staff members of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor Center, this urban legend began with a family vacation to the California coast. Man

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