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New Edit: Pyramid Lake Water Babies EP1

Water Babies....A myth? Or REAL?

One of the most interesting urban legends within the Reno area has to do with Pyramid Lake. Each spring, an unlucky fisherman disappears and the bodies aren't normally recovered. Many people blame the disappearance of the fishermen on the depth of the water, while others claim it's the Water Babies. The Water Babies were ill-formed or premature babies that were thrown into the water by the Paiute tribe. As legend has it, the infants' angry spirits have taken hold of the lake over the past centuries. According to staff members of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor Center, this urban legend began with a family vacation to the California coast. Many people have reported hearing the cries of an invisible baby or the laughter of ghostly children.

We have been interviewing the legends of the lake asking about their experiences with these creatures and what they know about the validity of water babies living in the lake.

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