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Fall Madness

I was going to put off this report because we have been so busy, trips are booked into December and its because Fall Madness. Every year its the same, the scramble to get out before the cold. The fish seem to be scrambling the same way, busy eating and packing on calories before a long cold winter. As Autumn brings cooler temps, the big brown trout start to stage. These larger units are moving up from large bodies of water into tributaries and shallows looking for food and starting their journey to make redds and spawn. Flows are down in some of the major rivers and Crowley lake, the Owens river system have been the best bet to hammer quality fish. We have been booking alot of clients on the boat with Captain Buddy Frey from Frey Fishers Guide service and the fish these guys are getting clients into are unreal. We have also been working the streams and creeks, dry fly action has changed to caddis, streamers and meats are the weapon of choice and nymphing will begin to produce as fish start staging and holding in runs. This winter would be a great time to work on your tight line nymphing game.

On the west side we have been setting up Christian Bioscotti from CalNeva Fly co. in Truckee to handle the Truckee River and East Walker trips. This is the guy to hone your Czech skills with if you are an advanced fisherman.

He is also a very skilled streamer fisherman and has some major tanks under his belt.

Right now its going to be trophy season. Gear up, prepare for cold and get your bookings in for December and January.

We have been giving away gear and teaming up with many brands to make sure you all keep fishing hard and stay outfitted with the gear and information you need to make dreams come true on the water.


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