Winter Rainbows Video

As the snow melts, these rainbows migrate up tributaries to spawn. Deep Creek Outfitters heads into the back country to guide fly fishing adventures. #video

Fish Report: Winter Rainbows

Details Place: West Fork Trinity River, California From: 01/24/2016 To: 01/24/2016 Type of Water: Freshwater Species: Rainbow trout We have finally been getting a decent amount of rain and snow this winter, over the past five years California has seen almost every watershed turn bone dry. Topographic maps show blue lines where nothing is left but dust and rocks. Fish retreat to the depths of the lakes and wait it out. Year after year, I have hiked my way around every tributary and runoff point pouring fresh water into these reservoirs, ponds, creeks and lakes. Waterfalls come to life, plants grow, insects hatch and the world is beautiful. I have always made it a point to go out after rain an

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