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California Fly Fishing Open (DCO 1st Place)

Deep Creek Outfitters are proud to be part of the 1st annual California Fly Fishing Open held on September 23, 2017 in Kernville, CA. This was a fundraising tournament benefitting Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters. All fly fishing organizations, from clubs to manufacturers, were welcome to participate and we hope to see many more teams and more fundraising next year.

The Deep Creek Outfitters Team took 1st place against some serious pro teams.

An article on Southern Sierra Fly Fishing Clubs Instagram:

" Here are tournament champions @ffrhino @adventurephilm @deep_creek_outfitter @christianbiscotti and @beadheadednympher of Team Deep Creek Outfitters. These guys came prepared and put on some great numbers on the score cards! Congratulations! And shout out to Jacob Parsons for taking some awesome team pictures!

"The Kern is a very tough river and the flows being high have made it even tougher. Bumping the bottom with overweighted caddis and stonefly variations and approaching with stealth is the best way to fool the fish in there. A river that size in Southern California is intimidating so a game plan is important." -Terrence T.

"Bounce those bugs on the bottom and bulldog em in on the fast water." -Daniel P. "

Deep Creek Outfitters Pro Team: Christian Biscotti, Daniel Parsons, Andrew McClellan, Philip Nguyen and Terrence Tinucci.

Huge thank you to NuCast fly fishing gear, Rhino Nets, Orvis and Weather Mountain for help with gear and support.

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